Programme Objectives

The Master of Social Sciences in Clinical Psychology Programme is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training and will provide both academic and clinical training, enabling graduates of this programme to be able to practice as psychotherapist in Macau. Training components of the programme involve coursework, research dissertation, and practicum in various placement settings. For more details regarding the registration requirements of psychotherapist in Macau, please visit the Medicial Professional Committee of Macau SAR.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the theoretical background and knowledge foundations to work as competent professional clinical psychologists.
  • Describe basic principles of clinical assessment in the evaluation of psychological disorders with reference to appropriate tools, established practices, and relevant international classification systems.
  • Design, implement and evaluate appropriate evidence-based interventions across a variety of client populations, using a range of modalities that are informed by case formulation and diagnosis.
  • Conduct high-quality independent research on psychological phenomena.
  • Communicate effectively across a wide range of client populations, colleagues and other professionals, using a variety of formats to function empathically within and across diverse populations.
  • Apply entry-level capabilities required for ethical, practicing clinical psychologists in tandem with professional and personal skills needed for ongoing evaluations and enhancements of their professional development.


Admission Requirements


  1. Applicants for the MSocSc in Clinical Psychology programme must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Outstanding applicants from world renowned universities who possess a Bachelor’s degree not in psychology but in a related field may be considered on a case by case basis.
  2. Applicants who have not fulfilled the fundamental undergraduate psychology course requirements, stipulated in the “Accredited Criteria for Psychotherapist Professions”, shall take at least 6 undergraduate courses in Psychology during their MSocSc in Clinical Psychology study to be eligible for the Psychotherapist registration.

Mode of Attendance

Full Time (3 academic years)



Medium of Instruction


Tuition Fee

Follow the Tuition Fee Scheme as stipulated by the Graduate School.

Graduation Requirements

  • Follow general rules and requirements of the University;
  • Complete 45 credits (15 courses) of compulsory course work; 9 credits (1,002 hours) of supervised clinical practicum; a thesis, including public defense (6 credits) based original empirical investigation.


For further information, please visit the Graduate School.

Career Prospects

Graduates are suitable for employment as Psychotherapist or Clinical Psychologists in a variety of settings including clinics, schools, hospitals, other government departments, non-government organizations, voluntary agencies and private practice. Graduates will also have the background needed to pursue advanced training and degrees in the field.

Upon conferment of the degree in Master of Social Sciences in Clinical Psychology, only Macau residents are eligible for the psychotherapist registration in Macau at the moment. Applicants of Psychotherapist registration will be required to submit an application to the Medical Professional Committee for academic qualification review, pass the qualifying examination to receive provisional registration, complete six months of post-Master’s degree internship in a health-related institution, and take the assessment by the Medical Professional Committee of Macau SAR.

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